Fundraising with a twist, fostering school spirit, raising money for nonprofits, and creating lasting memories all at once.

Outrageous Charity

Dragons Give Back is founded on the idea of promoting student-involved fundraising through unique, spontaneous, and fun events catered to our students. We like to call it 'Outrageous Charity'.

We aim to establish an annual community service project involving the student body of the two Carroll schools (High School and Senior High) and the Southlake community, all in a joint effort to raise money for our yearly beneficiary. In doing so, we hope to instill a passion for giving back within our community for years to come.

Inspired by our founder's (Murtaza Mir) time in his old high school, our original leadership team strives to create an environment in which charity and fun are combined.

Partnering with Local Companies

For catering, partnerships, and other connections we focus on involving our local businesses in Southlake to support these events - prioritizing Southlake for Southlake.

An emphasis on Community

Based in Southlake, run by Carroll Students, we emphasize full community involvement in our fundraising events and projects. We even involve other school clubs and local companies in a majority of our events. Fostering school and community spirit is an important part of this organization, and something we wish to promote more each year.

Our logo was designed and developed by Mia Tesoriero in a collaboration with the NAHS.

Leadership Team

Murtaza Mir


Zach Lacy

Executive Director

Vihan Yerubandi

Executive Director

Aimaal Mir

Underclassmen Representative

Anbu Subramanian

Varina Dang

Sahat Sopirala

Sponsorship and Outreach Director

Social Media Manager

Chief Reporter

Charlie Parkes

Marketing Director

Anooshey Dhanani

Events Management Director

Awas Amin

Administration Director